Feature request: Disconnect/Reconnect - keyboard shortcut

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Feature request: Disconnect/Reconnect - keyboard shortcut

Postby sannysanoff » Thu Dec 04, 2014 12:45 am

Hi, I work via SSH proxy, and often notebook goes to sleep while i think (joke), and disconnection occurs. Upon execution of code, auto-reconnection does not always work, so I have to disconnect/connect to server manually. This is complicated due to the fact that "Q" drop-down menu item in the main menu is also not accelerated (!) and it is just plain annoying.

This is not priority but very little change which I would appreciate very much.

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Re: Feature request: Disconnect/Reconnect - keyboard shortcu

Postby Oleg » Sat Dec 06, 2014 11:36 am

Hi, Alex!

You can set or change keyboard shortcut for most commands in View->Toolbars and Docking Windows->Customize...->Keyboard tab
Or right-click on toolbar->Customize...

If you want connect/disconnect to have a shortcut, command you're looking for is Connected in Q category.

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