chart color scales & misc. suggestions

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chart color scales & misc. suggestions

Postby arhang » Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:37 am

Hi Oleg!

1. color scale

The current rainbow color scale is cool but they become indistinguishable by eyes very quickly (blame my poor eye sight).
Could we adopt something like the d3 categorical colors (

2. chart background / foreground

Could we customize these as well? (I made a dark theme for the editor to reduce eye strains a bit)

3. execute-and-paste-result-to-editor shortcut

This is a common debugging / development use case - it goes like this:
i. a function throws 'type or some other errors
ii. we go into the process and type the function name in qpad editor
iii. we execute the line to get the function definition
iv. we copy and paste the function definition back to the editor
v. then we start debugging by breaking at various points of the function definition

iii-iv happens so often that it would be nice to have a shortcut for it

/ wing
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Re: chart color scales & misc. suggestions

Postby Oleg » Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:59 pm

Hi, Wing!

Long time no see ;)
You know that there's a debugger, right? ;)

Well, anyway, there's a command in Namespace explrer - right-click on function->get source, it will open new window and paste function' there (also useful for patches, as Ctrl+E without selection will execute whole window text). Get source w/ dependencies will try to get the whole grapevine in the new window.

As to how to arrive at the right node in a namespace tree - standing on function name in a source pane press Ctrl+D
BTW copy full name on a node (or Ctrl+C) will put in clipboard just that.
Also, with Namespaces tree populated - start typing and press Ctrl+Space - which will invoke intelllisense-like lookup to choose names from.

Will think about other requests, thank you! :)

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