Qipad wont open but process running in task manager

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Qipad wont open but process running in task manager

Postby Janice » Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:54 am


I have encountered an issue opening qipad in my work station(windows7). The window can't show up suddenly since last reboot evening the process is running in task manager. I have tried killed the process then restart/reboot the laptop but still no luck. Any suggestion?
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Re: Qipad wont open but process running in task manager

Postby _Oz_ » Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:34 pm

Hi, Janice!

I'll go on a limb here and suppose that it happens with some kind of RDH or your profile is some remote place.
One thing that could take ridiculous amount of time in this case is discovering and creating File View tree.
If you aren't using it - try running qpad with parameter --dummyfileview (and don't forget to hide/turn off File View tab).
If that's the case, it should help.
Another reason could be running qPad from obscure remote sandbox, could take it a while to create/read config files from there.
If that's the case try new version from What's cooking (ver 1.7) thread, use new parameter --homedir:.\ and set Start in: field in the shortcut to some place local on your workstation (if you on RDH - fastest place you can think of that you have write permissions to).
Maybe though something askew with saved window position or files that were opened last time, or some other settings, in this case, try running it with parameter --profile:newpr that will create new settings branch in registry (reset to default values) and qPad will use it.

UPD: There is of course always the case of hanging instance. If no connection timeout was ever specified in the Q->Connect to Server... dialog, qPad will wait for connection forever. If you closed qPad while connected to some instance, it will try to connect to the instance it was connected to before exit, if this instance busy and you have no time out then here we are.

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