Performance of intellisense during comments

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Performance of intellisense during comments

Postby jjh » Sat May 21, 2011 11:26 am

Only just found 1.0RC the other day. Quick bit of feedback from hacking through a bunch of code over the last day or so...

Intellisense during commenting is, sadly, horridly slow and gives a bad user experience. You really need to push that to a background thread and/or delay it so it only refreshes the highlighting/intellisense after N keystrokes or M pause since last keystroke.

I can see the mouse cursor flickering to/from an hour glass, the scroll bar going nuts jumping from long/short and there is a notable lag with characters actually appearing on the screen. I have a quad core 3.1ghz desktop with 4gb RAM - shouldn't have this much trouble with typing ;-)

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