What's cooking... (v. 1.8)

New features coming/planned; books of work, etc.

What's cooking... (v. 1.8)

Postby _Oz_ » Mon Feb 14, 2011 10:54 pm

1.7.1 FREE is officially out grab it in the download section of the site.
(Minor fixes and bugfixes were integrated into the 1.7.1 version available on the site right now, if you want them, please re-download it)

Changes since official 1.7.1 FREE:
Expiration for devbuilds set to 31st of March, 2019. as it is now an 1.8 RC. So, you have more incentive to try it :) no hassle come September, 30.

FIX: Namespaces tree refresh working over TLS connections as well now (yay!). Let me know if you have any other issues, I'll do my best to fix them

BUGFIX: Crash on non-main thread connections is fixed (Namespace tree refresh, debugger, quick-view). Some work yet to be done for those things to work with TLS (as e.dll only supports TLS connections from main thread for some reason).

NEW: Q Setting "use 1TB IPC capability" (as far as I understood, fall-back to 2Gb will be transparent, if it isn't with some older versions of q you can always turn it off here).

FIX: TLS switching logic improved, including recognition of non-TLS & TLS-only instances and suggesting reconnection with the right capabilities.

NEW: Padlock button on the toolbar - Pilot version supporting TLS/OpenSSL connection via new e.dll that KX released recently and OpenSSL. Please see instructions regarding setting up OpenSSL environment on code.kx.com

BUGFIX: Floating crash during graph plotting is fixed

BUGFIX: Hopefully fixed something that bugged me for quite a while - elusive events hanging or crashing while changing source tab having "switch connections on pane activation", especially in conjunction with custom auth dll used and cached token expired (hence initiating transparent retry after failed connect).

FIX: Mapped drives are back in File view

BUGFIX: Sorting table where nothing is selected no more jumping to the new position of the 1st row of the original result

BUGFIX: More logical behavior with stable sorting while some of sortings along the way were in desc order.
N.B.: The way it supposed to work - first click on header asc sort, second - desc, 3rd - reset to the original order. Just to be clear, click on a column header that's already sorted in desc order will reset order to the original. So if you did it and want to sort by several columns - time to start sorting again from the top :). Otherwise, however you sort by whatever column it shouldn't change current order of rows having equal values in the column you're sorting by. If something else is happening - let me know, I'll fix it. If you want it to behave differently let me know as well, I'll consider changing the behaviour if you'll make a strong case :).

FIX: Root namespaces referenced from functions (i.e. key .Q) are no longer counted as unresolved in namespace tree (no ! next to such function, listed as Namespace in dependencies, etc.)

BUGFIX: No more crashes while double-clicking on empty space in a grid.

FIX: Format roundtrip column on a Results history pane in line with properties dialog, status bar, etc.

NEW: Reset to Defaults button on Fonts & Colors dialog will reset color schema to hard-coded default

NEW: "Display numbers in locale-spec. format" checkbox in Grid group-box section of settings. It'll give you grouping by thousands, but not without it's drawbacks - fixed number of decimals, even if they are zeros.
NB. Actually, you can tairol the format to your liking in windows settings as I'm using user locale format, not system.
It'll be in Additional settings of date, currency and number format in regional settings.

NEW: "Unresolved dependencies" root node in the Namespace tree. While there were already ! on functions with (possibly) unresolved references, and such references were listed as Not Found in properties of those functions.
I somehow missed the notion to implement the view from the other side... til now :) So, here's a node under which I collected them (fully named, sorted) - you can see where they are referenced from in properties, navigate by double clicking on function names in properties (like with defined nodes) and use Show callers... context menu. WIP.
N.B. Appearance in this list doesn't necessarily means there will be a runtime error attributed to this unresolved global. Or, as in case with error in fby - you won't be able to tell the difference (as you can see one of the unresolved globals found is .q.length - fby contains 'length construction which strictly speaking not raising 'length signal, but looking for value in length variable to raise it as a signal :) during which process absence of length var raising a 'length error indistinguishable from result author sought at this point). It's just one of the many tools I tried to provide in qPad to make your debugging and troubleshooting just a bit easier and faster. I assume as references whatever referenced global list contains in the lambda as well as in any of the labdas this lambda contains (and so on recursively), also I'm on a lookout for atom symbols in those lambdas which in 85% of cases turns out to be globals referenced by symbols. So, all in all I'm trying to err on a side of caution. One of the possible usages of this little toy could be if you spot let's say 'v error somewhere in your logs. Searching for it source files on disk or memory by using qPad's Variables Inventory is pretty pointless.
But type v in a source pane and press Ctrl+D (to jump to v in a Namespace tree) and if there is an unresolved global by this name - you'll instantly see functions it's referenced from in properties pane,

NEW: Plot result... table context menu item, so now it should be possible to have several graph dialogs simultaneously. (Remember, they disappear if you get another result into grid you've plotted it from)

FIX: Smarter distinction between copying to clipboard and sending to grid view on a cell double-click

BUGFIX: Cleanup & fixes for crashes @ edge cases introduced by the work done recently.

NEW: Save and load to/from binaries from grid controls. (Output and Grid view) Stuff loaded this way is not getting added to Result history. If you want it to be - load from Result sub-tab of output pane.
N.B. For now underlying object is saved, just like sent to instance. I will add the choice between underlying and object actually shown in the grid when I will figure out non-clumsy/annoying UI for it.

NEW: Selection is retained after sorting (content-wise, not grid index-wise). Focused item should be visible after sorting

NEW: Proper result properties dialog instead of message-box.

NEW: As table context menu was getting very long, grouped Copy and Send items into sub-menus.

FIX: Dramatically increased speed of the initial rendering of keyed tables (intend to make a difference on loading heavy tables with a lot of columns).
Ex.: 129 columns keyed table 1.1Mil rows taking <12sec to render instead of >10min before. (still pretty sluggish selecting rows and scrolling around, but at least some of the careless queries shouldn't hang your qPad for a loooong time)

NEW: Show underlying object context menu item - if drilled down into cells, you can get back to underlying (topmost) object using this in Grid View.

FIX: Further speed optimization of Debugger GUI

FIX: Double-click on table cell containing char list (string) no longer sending it to Grid View (which is pointless in most cases) but copies it to clipboard instead (Sending cell to Grid View using right-click context menu is still possible if you really want to see the string as a list of chars in a grid)

NEW: Added choice for what kind of # column to add. # col is just a row number in grid regardless of sorting, as before. i col (shown as #i) is a row number in result received, will shuffle along with sorting
(groundwork for instant pivot of selected rows which is coming soon )

NEW: "Saving and loading" of results. Right-click context menu in Result sub-tab of the Output window (will be adding to another table-showing elements maybe to some of the namespace tree nodes),
To make it more interesting, whatever you save, you are able to load into q instance (3.x) without qpad ;-) just like with the files you'd get using save or `:filename set functions in q.
(Not that I encourage you to do it ;-) proceed at your own peril and only with your own dev instances)

While qPad should be able to load any of the files that it saved, it doesn't mean that it'll load any binary file you saved using q instance :) (although it might be able to load some of the binaries).
There are some tricky cases I'm not going to handle, not to mention enumerated columns I'd have no way of knowing how to resolve without corresponding sym file.

Let me know if you're looking forward to have this implemented and which scenarios need to be supported - I'll try to choose GUI/properties handling based on your feedback.

Links to (hopefully) stable devbuilds of 1.8 are here

64-bit: http://qinsightpad.com/upload/qpad/BE/qpad64_18b.zip
32-bit: http://qinsightpad.com/upload/qpad/BE/qpad_18b.zip

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Re: What's cooking... (v. 1.0)

Postby arhang » Fri Apr 27, 2012 3:22 pm


- new server connection dialog tab order

(this is wing btw)
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Re: What's cooking... (v. 1.0)

Postby Oleg » Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:49 pm

Thank you for noticing, Wing! :)
Fixed in RC5.

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Re: What's cooking... (v. 1.0)

Postby bayao » Fri May 25, 2012 7:49 pm

Potential bug:
The excel export seems missing end-tag. I'm getting following from Excel

XML PARSE ERROR: Missing end-tag
Error occurs at or below this element stack:

Thank you
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Re: What's cooking... (v. 1.0)

Postby Oleg » Sat May 26, 2012 7:54 am

Thank you for reporting it, bayao!
I think what you stumbled upon is unicode unawareness of export to excel.
Fixed in RC5

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Re: What's cooking... (v. 1.0)

Postby Oleg » Tue Jul 10, 2012 5:24 am

1st pilot of QPad with integrated debugger is out in the latest RC6.
Grab it from the top post in this topic.

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Re: What's cooking... (v. 1.0)

Postby demner » Fri Sep 20, 2013 9:14 pm

Hi Oleg,

First off, qpad is a really good editor.

A couple of small changes that I think would be useful:
- simple wildcards in the server view filter list (like hdb*fxrapid)
- have the server list scrolled to the left by default since the username/password is less important the the server name

I tried out RC8 and wanted to give feedback on the delay feature. I actually think that it makes qpad worse; if you would like to keep the feature, it would be great if you could add a config item to specify the delay and if someone puts in 0 it means to not delay (ie: operate as before).

A few specific examples of where the delay is awkward:
- The syntax highlighting during the 1.25s delay is the same as whatever word you last typed; for example if you put select and wait 1.25s the rest of the line will stay in blue & can be hard to read in some situations (like when everything is bold)
- The undo is acts strangely: If I type 'some text' and wait 1.25s and then type 'more text'. Now if I hit undo before the 1.25s is up, it actually undoes the 'some text' and not the 'more text'.
- If you are writing in overtype mode and you make a mistake, you can no longer hit Ctrl+Z to undo and restore the character you accidentally overwrote/deleted. You have to either wait 1.25s and undo a block of text or switch back into input mode, retype the character you typed, and then switch back to overtype mode.

Or, now I think about it, maybe if you change the undo so it still appends to the current buffer for the 1.25s to fix #2 (or even have an independant undo buffer from the 1.25s delay perhaps # character based?), I can turn off syntax highlighting for #1 and #3 works like Word and other programs with batch updates work now. But it might be easier to have an option to disable the delay.


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Re: What's cooking... (v. 1.0)

Postby Oleg » Sun Sep 29, 2013 7:14 pm

Hi, David!

Thank you for the feedback.
Typing delay was sorted out quite a bit (in regard to undo/redo erratic behavior) and made fully configurable - via Q->Settings->Typing delay in ms (0 - turn off)

As for supporting simple mask in server tree filter - I'll see what I can do in devbuilds of RC9.

Stay tuned :)
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Re: What's cooking... (v. 1.2)

Postby led » Fri May 15, 2015 1:45 pm

I'm a little confused about why the software expires. What is the plan after September 2015?

Great application. I'm a fan.
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Re: What's cooking... (v. 1.2)

Postby Oleg » Sat May 16, 2015 9:34 am

Software expires on a regular basis - 2 times a year.

With changes kx is doing to q and bugs that users helping me to flush out and AK's new versions of debugger that I'm integrating - taking a liberty to force people upgrade to new version twice a year. :)
As software is free, I don't have team or time to support several versions.

Plan is as it always was - keep maintaining qPad and release new free versions ;-).
Pretty much the same deal kx used to have with trial 32-bit version of q.

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