Windows-native KDB+ GUI client

server tree configuration shot

Explore the panes:

QInsightPad Server Explorer pane on the left side, lets one arrange KDB+ connections in a suitable hierarchy; the code-editing pane is on the right side (with syntax highlighting turned on); the output pane at the bottom presents results of queries the way they would appear in a command-line KDB+ console.

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Namespace Explorer

Dig into namespaces:

Now we've chosen Namespace Explorer to be the rightmost pane and .. voila!.. we can see server-side namespace structure in all its beauty: tables (and their structure in the Properties pane), variables and functions. We can explore hidden namespaces - and just see (vs. guess) what they are.

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Watches and watch lists

Watch those Q expressions:

Watches come in handy when you need to re-evaluate the same expression (or a series of expressions) over and over. Here we've added a few Q expressions to a watch list; now it can be re-evaluated explicitly or just on completion of every query (if so configured in Q->Settings).

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